The Mission of METU Central Lab.

By the mean of its modern analysis/test instruments and its trained interdisciplinary expert staff, METU Central Lab. is qualified as a pioneer laboratory in the nation and international manner. Meanwhile, continuous improvement and preserving quality are adopted in the soul of the center.

METU Central Lab. undertake the providing characterization for R&D of the universities, private and public organizations as a duty to itself. This manner includes the characterization of material properties and molecular biology and biotechnological analysis with modern and high-tech resources. Furthermore, the center appoints itself to

  • Provide the productive and fertile infrastructure of continuing education and founding knowledge for its qualified interdisciplinary expert staff,
  • Dissemination of knowledge, proficiency, and experience about analysis, techniques, and spectroscopical instruments at METU and all over Turkey as well,
  • Improving the capability of Turkish universities and other organizations in managing and participating in international projects by helping interdisciplinary and inter-organization investments,
  • Contributing to the scientific researches to reach the novel horizons,

The Vision of METU Central Lab.

METU Central Lab. assigned itself to be a scientific and technological center by the means of

  • Providing the opportunity of advanced research by making sustainable infrastructure for developing science and technology dedicated to the universities, private and public organizations,
  • Helping Turkey to gain competitive capacity by reinforcing the national and international cooperations, and in the meanwhile, accelerating the country development and participating in the projects which improve the life quality of humanity.

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