The main goal of the Middle East Technical University (METU) Central Laboratory (Central Lab.) is to be the center of scientific researches, education, measurement, and spectroscopy for the universities, public institutions, and industrial R&D investors by the mean of its modern analysis/test instruments and its qualified interdisciplinary expert staff. The Central Lab. equipped to be able to do configure and measure within the compatibility of national and international criteria to accomplish scientific researches and analysis. In meanwhile, the center potentializes the METU Technopolis to establish coherent national and international projects with the university. In advance, the center provides tests and measurements for the private and public organizations to develop their products and manufacture lines. Finally, the Central Lab. pursue to be the pioneer in the case of assisting the academic/scientific researches for our university and all other educational organizations.

The Central Lab. consisted of two sub-centers; "R&D Center for Education & Measurement" and "R&D Center for Molecular Biology & Biotechnology." The R&D Center for Education & Measurement provides analysis and measurements for investigation in the chemical and physical properties of the materials. (Properties such as; thermal, electrical, magnetical, optical, mechanical, rheological, morphological, elemental, and surface spectroscopical analysis). The R&D Center for Molecular Biology & Biotechnology presents Recombinant DNA investigations, microscopy/imaging analysis, fermenter experıments, and biomolecule analysis with the help of high-tech methods and instruments.

While the Central Lab. is a research and development center affiliated to the Directorate of the Middle East Technical University, it is also presenting its capacity and ability to render services for costumers and researchers outside of METU infrastructure.